december update 2011

Well, tiffinbox became a lawfully wedded entity on 11.11.11. For those wondering where the honeymoon is/was at, it is still being planned.
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WWF helps us bring our 2 passions together: Design and Travel

And to be more specific: travelling in the Himalayas. When I first received THE call from WWF offering us a project to design a brochure on the topic of high altitude wetlands, I almost dropped the phone. Similar waves of pleasure gently hit us repeatedly through the next 2 months to its completion. The costing...
List of provisions

List of provisions

List of provisions stacked for the trip to Tsomo-riri (3 days/ taxi/ 4 people + 1 driver) Trip dates: 27, 28, 29 June 2007 The bill dated 26th of June 2007 was supposed to feed 5 people for 3 days. Of those 5 people, 4 brains were put into preparing this list. And the best...