december update 2011

Well, tiffinbox became a lawfully wedded entity on 11.11.11. For those wondering where the honeymoon is/was at, it is still being planned.
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Spiti left bank trek

Spiti left bank trek

Difficulty level: easy to moderate Number of days: 6 Route: Poh(3280 mts.) to Kaza via Dhankar (3640 mts.), Lhalung (3620 mts.), Demul (4234 mts.), Komik (4275 mts.), Langza (4224 mts.). Reaching the base of the trek: the best option would be to start the trek from Poh, though it can be done the other way...
Child's play

Child’s play

It is hard to describe the thrill when the cheap tennis-ball hits the lovingly built but teetering tower of randomly collected stones or the “tenshunnnnn” after the precarious tower has been felled and you are left stranded while your other team-mates have splintered away like a grenade. What am I talking about?

WWF helps us bring our 2 passions together: Design and Travel

And to be more specific: travelling in the Himalayas. When I first received THE call from WWF offering us a project to design a brochure on the topic of high altitude wetlands, I almost dropped the phone. Similar waves of pleasure gently hit us repeatedly through the next 2 months to its completion. The costing...