I detached both my ears the other day

Wanting to clean them up

Through and through, out and out

I also wanted to see the behind of my ears

Its something ordinary people are seldom able to do

I spotted something on the left ear

That needed close looking at

And for that I needed my glasses

But how to wear them

Without the ears for support?

In the meanwhile the hair on my head

Had started to run astray

Tickling the ear drums, they shook me to my core

Not with fright or anything, only with giggles alone

One hand holding the hair back

And the other the glasses up

I had no more left to handle the ears

Juggling the three

I ran to others for help

To see them I needed my vision

And to explain I needed my ears

That left the hair all over my face,

And into the ear hole

Amusing me and my entire body

Some wanting to help

Came asking what they could do

But I couldn’t hear them.