Centre for Media Studies, as part of their travelling film festival in 2008, commissioned an exhibition on climate change. The exhibition along with the festival will be travelling to 8 cities across India in this order: Leh, Agartala, Coimbatore, Bhopal, Ranchi, Pune, Lucknow and Hyderabad.

Following are the posters designed for this exhibition by tiffinbox in collaboration with door number 3.

The thought behind the designs was to be as bold as possible since we always write something that needs attention in bold letters. From afar, when you will first approach the exhibition you can read the letters very clearly as “CLIMATE CHANGE”. And on going through the posters at a one-on-one level you will see a lot of things that are happening in and around the alphabets. Each poster deals with a different issue. Also we have tried not to use any scary apocalypse type imagery or language, and tried to keep it as simple and everyday as possible.

Secondly, you may or may not notice that all posters are aerial views. This is to reiterate the fact that we are looking at our world from a birds eye, since this is the only view that gives us complete understanding of what’s happening. Standing on ground, we only seem to see what’s going on in the immediate surroundings, and not care for what’s happening some 1000 or 100000 kms away. But for a healthy planet we need to look at our globe in totality, since climate affects all of us.

As these posters are meant for a larger display (3×4 feet) you might not see the detailing in each poster as well as one would in an exhibition. Similarly for the text, it might seem small or illegible at this size. But you get the idea!

An important thing to note here is that poster numbers 11 and 12 speak of regional issues, the rest being generic in nature. The 13th poster is the concluding poster which urges the viewers to sign onto the poster to show solidarity in the fight against climate change.

Though we would have loved to have your suggestions and views on the 13th poster itself, but for the time being we’ll settle for comments on this platform :)

Agartala Chapter

Coimbatore Chapter

Bhopal Chapter

Ranchi Chapter

Pune Chapter

Lucknow Chapter

Hyderabad Chapter